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Algae Control & Algaecide

Proper circulation and balanced pool water chemistry is the best way to prevent algae growth, but even carefully maintained swimming pools may experience algae once in a while. It is important to use an effective algae treatment as soon as an algae bloom appears in your pool. It’s also a good idea to take proactive measures to prevent algae from growing in your pool in the first place.

Algae spores typically enter pool water from wind and storms. When conditions are right and your water isn’t properly balanced, you may find yourself with an algae bloom. Not only is it an eyesore, it can cause damage to pool surfaces and harbor disease-causing microorganisms. There are three types of algae commonly found in swimming pools: Green Algae, Yellow/Mustard Algae and Black Algae.

Algae Prevention and Treatment Supplies

For killing most types of algae blooms, look to Leslie’s Algae Control. Leslie’s Algae Control is a 60% concentrated polyquat pool algaecide that is very effective at preventing and treating stubborn algae blooms. Algae Control is compatible with chlorine and saltwater chlorinated pools. This non-metallic pool algaecide will not cause staining like some other algaecides potentially can.

To learn more about pool algae prevention and treatment, take a look at our in-depth article, How to Prevent and Remove Algae.

At Leslie’s Pool Supplies, we’re here to help you create a safe, sanitary, and perfect pool experience.