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Pool Chlorine

Pool chlorine tablets are designed to maintain chlorine residual for proper sanitization of the water. Known to be powerful, effective, and relatively inexpensive, chlorine tablets are the most commonly used primary sanitizer on the market. Chlorine tablets dissolve evenly and kill viruses, bacteria, and control algae, making them one of the easiest and most effective methods available.

Chlorine Tablets are designed to slowly dissolve for even chlorine distribution. Chlorine is the most popular form of sanitization for above and in-ground pools. Stabilized chlorine tablets are densely compressed to give them a longer life and provide an even distribution throughout the pool water. 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets are ideal for use in an automatic chemical feeder or floating chlorine dispenser. Each tab is individually wrapped for safety and easy handling.

Leslie's Chlorine Tablets

At Leslie's, we offer the industry's strongest and longest-lasting chlorine tablets on the market. With over 50 years of chlorine production in the United States, we’ve controlled our proprietary formula of highly-compressed tabs for a slower, more even dissolve rate compared to other tabs.

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At Leslie’s Pool Supplies, we only carry the highest quality pool chlorine tablets so you know you’re getting an exceptional product for your swimming pool. When you buy chlorine tablets from us, they’ll provide your water with an even and consistent amount of chlorine to keep your pool and spa properly sanitized. Keep your pool water safe and healthy with chlorine tablets from Leslie’s Pool Supplies.

Leslie's Liquid Chlorine

Liquid Chlorine is another great option for pool owners. Liquid Chlorine is a quick pool sanitizer, but needs to be used more frequently. Since Liquid Chlorine is considered a hazardous material, this item is only available to buy online and pick-up in store, or purchase directly from your local Leslie’s Pool Supplies store! Find your nearest location HERE.

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Learn More About Pool Chlorine Tablets

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