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Pool Closing Chemicals

WinterPill: designed to preserve your water chemistry and reduce winter pool maintenance. It is equipped with a clarifier for clear water, a scale inhibitor for buildup prevention, and a stain inhibitor to protect your pool's surfaces. The WinterPill is also packed with natural enzymes that fight contaminants and leave your water healthy and clean. To use, simply pierce the Pill and leave it to float in your pool for up to six months.

Leslie’s Pool Closing Kits: packed with incredible value and industry-leading chemicals that you need to properly close and winterize your pool in the Fall.

Pool Antifreeze: protects your pool plumbing from freeze damage, preventing any moisture that's in the pipes from expanding which can cause cracks and burst pipes. It’s safe to use in all types of swimming pool plumbing. Simply plug the lines at the pool, then drain or siphon out the water with a hose until empty. Then pour in Premium Pool Anti-Freeze into the plumbing using a funnel or hose, making the pipes protected throughout the cold winter temperatures.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: What is included in the pool closing kits?

  • Standard Kit: includes 1lbs of Fresh 'N Clear, 1pt of Algae Control, 1pt of Metal Free, and 1 WinterPill.
  • Deluxe Kit: includes 2lbs of Fresh 'N Clear, 1pt of Algae Control, 1 Stain & Scale Pill, and 1 WinterPill.
  • Premium Kit: includes 4lbs of Fresh 'N Clear, 1qt of Algae Control, 1qt of Pool Magic+PhosFree, 1 Stain & Scale Pill, and 1 WinterPill

Q: Why do you need the chemicals included in Leslie’s Pool Closing Kits?

  • Fresh 'N Clear is a chlorine-free shock that eliminates contaminants, organic waste, chlorine odors, and prevents algae while freeing up existing chlorine in your pool.
  • Algae Control eliminates algae blooms and also prevents future algae and slime from forming!
  • METALfree prevents unsightly staining, discoloration and calcium build-up, preventing damage and keeping your pool clean for next season.
  • Stain & Scale Pill does exactly what it says on the label — it prevents scale and metal staining in your pool! (Included in the Deluxe and Premium Closing Kits only.)